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Soil Foodweb is an international soil biology group providing laboratory soil testing and soil biology consultancy services.  It was founded by Dr Elaine Ingham, a leading international soil microbiologist.  The systems developed by Dr Ingham have been designed to analyse the microbiology present in soil samples and to develop appropriate responses to achieve desired levels and balances of soil microbiology.

The Soil & Foliar Foodwebs

By Dr Elaine Ingham
The Soil & Foliar Foodwebs
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How does the Soil Foodweb affect plants?
Soil organisms create a living, dynamic system that needs to be understood and managed properly for best plant growth.Plants depend on beneficial soil organisms to protect them from pathogens, to help them obtain nutrients from the soil, to reduce nutrient losses and to breakdown toxic compounds that could inhibit growth.

How does the Foliar Foodweb affect plants?

Foliar organisms create a protective layer on leaf, stem, blossom and fruit surfaces.  This is a dynamic, living system on the aboveground parts of plants that is constantly impacted by rain, wind, heat, sunlight, and pollution. Plants depend on beneficial foliar microorganisms to protect them from pathogens, to improve uptake of foliar-applied nutrients, and to break down pollutants deposited on aboveground plant surfaces.

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