SOIL FOODWEB INSTITUTESoil Rehab Specialists Since 1986

The Soil Foodweb Institute have been soil rehabilitation specialists since 1986.

By utilising our services you will learn how you can manage and maintain a balanced and healthy soil.

A key benefit of using the SFI methodology is the reduction of artificial chemical inputs and an increase in soil biology. Disease suppression is substantially enhanced and water usage generally declines.

The team at SFI is fully committed to assisting growers to achieve truly sustainable soil fertility without the need for toxic and costly chemicals, thereby enabling you to improve crop yields and the returns on your investment. You’d be amazed at how cost-effective our programs actually are and how beneficial it can be to have a professional on your team to guide you through the processes involved. In effect, Soil Foodweb Institute offers a window into plant-soil and foliar relationships.

Holiday period closing time for the lab will be from 18/12/2023 to 14/01/2024 please have all samples to us by the 6/12/2023 at the latest


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22nd, 23rd & 24th of March ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday ) 2024 being held at 12 Ridge Terrace, Millicent, SA 5280

Applying SFI Methodology to Create Compost, Compost Tea and Analysing the Tea Created - 3 day, face to face


Intermediate Microscope Course

25th, 26th & 27th of March (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 2024 being held at 12 Ridge Terrace, Millicent, SA 5280

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Achieving the right biology enhances these key functions:

Disease protection – Minimises disease to eliminate the need for pesticides.

Nutrient immobilization – Reduces the detrimental effects of leaching from your soil.

Nutrient availability – Enhances nutrient uptake to ensure you have the optimal nutrients in your soil in the right place, at the right time.

Decomposition of toxins – removes harmful residues

Root health, root depth, water retention, aerobic conditions in soil and improved soil structure – less watering needed, lessen your dependence on fertilizers

If you are unsure of which organisms are present in your soil and on your plants leaves, much of your crop management is being left to chance.

General Manager: Chris Ellery

Business Development : David Ellery

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